Monday, April 14, 2008

Why of all people... it has to happen to me??

Why the above topic?
Cos' ... I just had to complain..
This blog is a place for me to vent my frustrations... to record my happiest moments of my life.. to recognise the things that I'm probably proud of..

I know, it's been very long since I had updated this blog. Maintaining a blog after work everyday is not easy. I also have no idea what to blog about.

At least now... I have something to blog about. Oh ya.. may not necessary sound good.

We just had a change of GM since January 08.

I finally realised that having a male GM and a female GM.. really can see the difference.

One was a fatherly figure.. another... top notch career woman who challenges us to think out of the box... everything must be able to respond fast..

Many of my friends look at me as someone who is.. cheerful, outgoing personality.. and perhaps a crazy fella who always smile.. although I tend to be quiet at times when I'm concentrating/focusing on doing something... but most of the time, you probably see me as a smiling piggy. Right?

So now.. gm commented that I can be a tat childish at times.. I guess it's because I smile, while trying to explain something during a meeting. Yes.. smiling makes one look NOT serious. I agreed. But that doesn't mean that I'M NOT A SERIOUS PERSON AT WORK!!!
If you have any idea how nervous and stressed I was during the meeting... So my tendency is to smile.. cos it relieves me of stress and allows me to think and respond fast. You know how your mind goes blank when you are nervous?

So now.. I have to.. be SERIOUS.. at least.. ACT SERIOUS..


I'm not an ACTRESS!!!!

Now.. going to work has officially become a very sucky thing....

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